Mission Statement



The first word in Personal-Touch is the one we will never forget… “Personal” 

  • We are dedicated to the provision of individualized, comprehensive quality patient and family-centered care in the patient’s place of residence. 

  • We are dedicated to the belief that each person is a unique individual and, therefore, we need to be sensitive to his/her social, emotional, intellectual, safety, and physical needs. 

  • We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout the life cycle by promoting and restoring health, alleviating suffering, and caring for the sick and dying in a manner that ensures dignity and respect for each person. 

  • We are dedicated to hiring experienced and competent professionals who follow the highest standards of excellence to establish an individualized plan of care offering personal choices and decisions, respecting each individual’s rights and needs for self-determination. 

  • We are dedicated to providing a level of care that encourages the safe and cost-effective delivery of home care services, maximizing patient autonomy and coordination of community and agency resources, and alleviating unnecessary duplication of services, thereby promoting positive patient outcomes.