As a live-in Home Health Aide (HHA) or Personal Care Aide (PCA) you will be residing in the home of a Personal Touch Home Care of N.Y., Inc. (Personal-Touch) client as an employee of Personal-Touch.  All employment with Personal-Touch is contingent upon your compliance with this agreement and all other Personal Touch policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Live–In HHAs/PCAs are required to stay on the client’s premises at all times during their assignments, except as specified below.  Live-in HHAs/PCAs are paid a flat rate for their day, which, on an hourly basis, equals or exceeds the applicable minimum wage for all hours worked.  During a 24-hour period to which they are assigned, HHAs/PCAs are to perform tasks in accordance with the Care Plan.  As a Live-In HHA/PCA, your hours of work will consist of the following:


  • The total time required to perform all tasks on the Care Plan should not exceed 13 hours in any day without prior approval from the HHA’s/PCA’s Coordinator or Field Nurse Supervisor;

  • 8 hours sleep with at least five (5) uninterrupted hours of sleep;

  • Three (3) hours away from work duties for meals and other personal pursuits (you may not leave the client’s home unless specifically notated on the client’s care plan).  


In the event that an HHA/PCA is unable to get a reasonable night’s sleep or the HHA/PCA finds that the amount of care required by the client exceeds the 13 hours provided for in this agreement or the amount specified on the client’s care plan, the HHA/PCA must notify the Coordinator immediately.  The Coordinator and Nurse will reassess the appropriate level of care that this case requires.


If during a single week a Live-in HHA/PCA works more than 40 hours, the HHA/PCA will be paid overtime at the applicable State or Federal rate for all hours worked in that week.


Further the following policies must be adhered to:


  • Live-In HHAs/PCAs are required, unless specifically stated otherwise in the Client’s Plan of Care, to stay on the client’s premises at all times during assigned days unless performing duties such as running errands, grocery shopping, etc. for the client.


  • If at any time, an HHA/PCA must leave the client’s premises prior to the end of an assignment, the HHA/PCA must notify the Coordinator so that appropriate measures may be taken.  To maintain the safety of our clients, an HHA/PCA must stay with the client until assistance or a relief HHA/PCA arrives.


  • Phone calls are to be limited to calls to the EVV for attendance verification, to report problems, changes in plan of care, changes in client condition, and/or emergencies. 


  • Personal phone calls are not allowed while in the client’s home.  Any violation of this condition that results in charges incurred on a client’s phone bill could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


  • HHAs/PCAs are not to give their personal phone number to clients and/or client’s family members.  Personal calls on your cell phone are limited to your personal break time.


  • HHAs/PCAs are not to give the client’s name, address, or phone number to anyone.


  • HHsA/PCAs must be respectful of the client’s home at all times and provide privacy for the client when appropriate even though you reside there as well.


  • Your family members and/or friends are never allowed in or around (including in a parked car) the client’s home without prior authorization from the Coordinator.


It is important that the office know where you are at all times during your assigned days in the event of any emergency.  If we are to maintain a good working environment, HHA/PCA and client safety must always come first.  Failure to maintain these standards could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of your employment.



I have read and agree to follow the Live-In Home Health Aide Agreement and policies therein, as well as any additional instructions I receive.   I also understand that if I violate this agreement, I will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including immediate termination of employment without previous warning. 



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Revised 4/2019