Quarterly Newsletter

1st Quarter 2021

Compliance Newsletters

2021 - Quarter 1 - Compliance Newsletter

Each Quarter we will be sharing some tidbits from Your Corporate Compliance Team such as:

  • Q&A’s which include situations that may help you maintain compliance. Do you have a submission/question or concern? E-mail compliance@pthomecare.com.
  • Policy Updates
  • Mandatory In-service reminders.
Below are some commonly asked questions we think are important to share. Q1. You happen to be surfing a social website and you come across a negative comment about your organization that you believe is false. You want to respond and set the record straight. What should you do? Unless you are authorized to speak on behalf of your organization, you should not respond. However, you should note the item and report it to compliance@pthomecare.com. We will decide how best to respond. Q2. A coworker tells you she needs to leave work a few minutes early to catch her son’s high school game. She asks if you could punch out her timecard when you leave at the end of the shift. What should you do? Be completely honest with her explaining not only are you uncomfortable with her request to falsify her time card and risk both of you getting fired, but if she needs to leave early she should do so with the supervisor’s knowledge and approval. It’s never right to lie regardless of the circumstances. Q3. Your direct manager says she is too busy to complete her annual compliance training. She knows the topic well, and even taught you something about it. She gives you her sign-in credentials and tells you to take the training for her. What should you do? Since all employees are required to take training, you cannot take the training for her. Tell her you can’t do that. If she insists, let the compliance office know what is happening.