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Our Mission

How does CDPAP work?

Personal-Touch CDPAP is an experienced fiscal intermediary (“FI”) providing services as part of New York’s  Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (“CDPAP”).  Our mission is to provide quality services to consumers in order to facilitate the consumer’s role as the employer of personal assistants. The CDPAP Program empowers individuals to reclaim independence and comfort, as well as gain control over their own care.  The CDPAP program allows Medicaid consumers that have been approved by their Medicaid managed care plan to recruit their own personal assistants (PAs)  to provide these services.  The consumer trains supervise, directs and schedules the PA, and the PA works directly for the consumer. This program provides eligible consumers with flexibility in choosing their Personal Assistant.  A PA could be a friend, neighbor, or even a family member, but cannot include a parent caring for a child under 21, a consumer’s spouse, or a consumer’s designated representative).  As the FI, Personal-Touch CDPAP oversees proper compensation in a timely manner.  Consumer satisfaction is always our number one priority.



  1. The Medicaid managed care plan assesses the consumer to determine their eligibility for CDPAP and amount of services (hours) authorized.

  2. The consumer is able to choose their Personal Assistant (excluding a parent caring for a child under 21, spouse, or designated representative).

  3. The consumer works with the Personal-Touch CDPAP, as an FI,  to facilitate the consumer’s role as the employer of the PA.

For more information or to enroll

PLEASE CALL 718-368-6222